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sitting looking up

January 2010



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Jan. 3rd, 2010

sitting looking up


Hi, you've reached Blair Sandburg...only not. Leave me a message and I'll get right with you. You can also email me.

Aug. 13th, 2007


OOC: Goodbye

*waves madly at everyone*

I've missed playing with you all so much and I want to come back, but unfortunately it's just not going to be a possibility in the foreseeable future. I really did think things were going to calm down eventually but I haven't even had time to read FH much less think about playing in it. (Although a little birdy did link me to a Free Hug day that made me smile!) So I'm pulling Abby, Blair and Miley from the game permanently.

This was pretty much my first rping experience ever and I couldn't have picked a better group of people to play with. You all are on crack amazing writers and I'm very grateful I got to know you.

I'll still be reachable through email (Blair's addy is fine) or feel free to friend my regular journal, footontheground.

Apr. 15th, 2007

Blair/River - Their love is sorta crazy

Room 409: Sunday night

Blair opened the door, carrying a dozing Tributary in his arms. Looking over his shoulder at River, he pointed towards the bed.

"Wanna just shove the books on the floor for me?"

[Open for the baby's momma and the roommate if he wants to be there.]
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Mar. 23rd, 2007

arrow grin, chatting smiley

Room 409: Friday afternoon

Blair was typing up his notes on last night's Bel experiment and trying not to giggle at the memory.

He wasn't trying very hard.


Mar. 16th, 2007


Blair and Jack's room: NYC, Friday night

Blair was bored. Blair was rooming with Jack. Blair was possibly still not quite over the fact that Jack was sleeping with River.

After raiding the bathroom and making a call down to the concierge for extra supplies, Blair got to work. Peeling back the sheets of Jack's bed, Blair carefully applied a layer of shaving cream over the entire bed. It was hard work to make it all nice and smooth and not let any drip onto the floor. Finally he was done and he made the bed again, putting the mint back on the pillow.

Climbing back into his own bed, Blair chuckled. He really hoped that he was awake when Jack got into bed tonight.

[NFB due to distance. Open to hotel roomie]

Mar. 14th, 2007

sitting looking up

Room 409: Wednesday all day

Blair walked into the room and dumped his backpack on the floor. He felt like he had been awake for days and flying for a large majority of those days. Looking at the clock, Blair groaned and lay on his bed. Maybe he could just sleep for twenty minutes.

Or an hour.

[ooc: door is closed but post is open!]

Mar. 9th, 2007

sitting looking up

Early Friday Morning, Room 409

The sound of his phone ringing woke Blair and he knocked several books off the shelf before answering.

Read more...Collapse )

Blair hung up the phone and looked around the room. Before he packed his laptop, he sent off a quick email to his friends to let them know what was going on and asked them to feed his fish and water Hank. Picking up his backpack, he closed the door and hurried out of the building.

[ooc: I need a break from the game for a few days so my characters are heading off. If you think you got an email, you did. Blair overshares, so it pretty much laid out the phone call. They'll probably come back sometime next week.]

Mar. 8th, 2007

blairgirl pout, blairgirl notetaking, blairgirl smile

Room 409: Thursday Morning

Blair missed his roomie. Especially when he had woken up as a girl. He couldn't decide if it was because he wanted to see Broots freak out...or if it was that he wanted to see Broots as a girl.

Either way, Blair took a couple pictures of himself to send over email. Hopefully Broots would get a kick out of it.

After that, Blair drug out his emergency supply of notebooks. This sort of event needed documentation.

Mar. 7th, 2007

arrow grin, chatting smiley

Hallways, Wednesday after school

Blair felt like a walk. Nothing really important to do or anywhere to go. Just felt like walking.

Closing the door on his dorm room, he started down the hall.

[ooc: For a certain sneaky someone. That Blair was walking around is okay for broadacst, that Annette was following him? Not so much.]

Feb. 23rd, 2007


Room 409: Friday, Messages to Bel's friends

After meeting with Zoe to get the okay for a memorial service, Blair started working up a message to spread the word. Emailing everyone seemed impersonal, so he wrote up a simple card. Surprisingly enough, it was hard to figure out just what to say.

Memorial Service for Belthazor

Sunday evening, February 25th

Dorm roof - Near Bel's garden

Well, sometimes short and to the point worked. After handwavily talking to Aziraphale, the messages were delivered in an angel-y fashion. Blair leaned back on his bed and tried to think of just what he should say at the service.

[ooc: The cards were delivered to your room by sneaky angel post. That means if you wanted an invitation, you got one! If you didn't, one wasn't delivered to you. Also, the memorial post will be open to non-students as well and those characters should also have received a handwavy angel delivery. If you want to come but need an IC invitation, ping me here and we'll work something out. Any other questions?]

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